Emotion and elegance

Emotion and elegance

art direction, set dressing

The music of electronic DJ and musician Pitto is pretty much made for taking over the ambiance in a room. Add to that the voice of Tessa Rose and the whole thing is multiplied times ten. The track ‘Let’s do it Again’, which features them both, therefore deserved a video with the same stylistic impact as the music itself.

A warm and intense palette of colors aligned the energy of the visuals with the melody. The esthetic styling was neatly fitted to accompany the natural and elegant style of acting by Golden Calf awarded actress Hanna Hoekstra. The setting as a whole is pleasing to the eye and a tad surrealistic.

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Pitto & Tessa Rose Jackson

Hannah Hoekstra
Charlie Dagelet
Yannick Noomen
Jörgen Scholtens
Joke de Graaf

E-Ville Media Group

Geert Verhoeff

Anneloes Gerdien van der Vinne