You must be searching
for a taste of beauty. We
fight the boring and love
the daring.

You must be searching
for a taste of beauty. We
fight the boring and love
the daring.

A kartel

The letter to challenge for a duel

Design is a high-stakes game, the outcome matters. Ideas simply tend to get better when challenged. Meaningful design requires the same amount of obsession for intelligence as it does for elegance. Our team has a background in graphic design, illustration, psychology and philosophy and challenges itself constantly to explore any boundaries.

That energy is tangible in the lively dynamic of the studio. We believe in quality and in projects that have character as well as a message. Every day we collaborate with a broad network of talented young professionals from a range of creative disciplines to realize even the most ridiculous of ideas.

Communication Director

Jesse Vernooij

Co-owner I Designer
Art Director

Bob Hensen

Co-owner I Designer
Motion Designer

Roeland Schmohl

Moves a mountain
Web Developer

Martijn van de Pluym

Weaves the web


Raymond Calvo

Chisels a chestnut

Our vision: Wood

Wood is the firm foundation, the obligation of vivid communication, the craftsmanship. Wood is stable and rooted, organic and constructive. Wood has been the paragon of good design and the trusty building material of the craftsman for centuries already.

Our passion: Gold

Gold is the courage to exceed, the legitimation of expression, the beauty of things. Gold is an end in itself - a reason to create. Gold has been the taste of the gods and the ethereal molding material of the artist for centuries already.

Our services

We are not a one trick pony. We work for the cultural, educational and commercial business. We offer a wide range of services. From a visual identity, interior and campaigns to technical explanimations, stop motion videos, TV commercials and extraordinary promotional trailers. Simply put, we bring your message to life.
Nothing is impossible.

Core business

  • Concepting
  • Art direction
  • Strategy


  • Visual identity
  • Campaign
  • Web design
  • Interior
  • Infographic


  • Illustration
  • Woodworking
  • Installations
  • Creative copy


  • Video
  • Animation
  • Motion Graphics

How we work

We like to talk, a lot. Through a dialogue we get to know our customers fully. We invest in a solid relationship with every collaboration that we engage in, so that we can address the story, the cultural context and acquire the answer to any question. We take our customers through a clear process in which we work with graphical precision towards a complete design in which wood and gold have been joined together.